Snow! Stay home!

Grace Church services will be CANCELLED on Sunday, Jan. 20. Please spread the word to people you know who might not be on our email list.

Mayor Walsh said this about us hearty folks who brave all kinds of weather:

“Syracuse is used to heavy snow and cold temperatures, but this looks to be a very serious storm followed by strong winds and extreme cold,” Walsh said. “Pay close attention to the forecast, and if you don’t need to be on the roads beginning Saturday night, don’t be. If you do go out, take proper precautions to protect from the cold and wind.”

Many other churches and community events are cancelling, so it would be wise for all of us to stay off the roads and let the plows do their work. In case you want to read the lessons for the day, as well as the sermon I had prepared for these lessons — the wedding at Cana! — you can do so here, at Grace Notes.

NEXT SUNDAY, Jan.27, at 9:30, we’ll have a community-wide conversation about where God might be calling Grace Church. Don’t miss it!


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