String Trio Concert at Grace

maxresdefaultOn Sunday, March 20th at 5pm, Grace Church will host a String Trio Concert.  This will be a “dress rehearsal concert” for the trio’s upcoming concert the following Wednesday for Civic Morning Musicals at the Everson Museum. The group is made up of Anita Gustafson, violin, Eric Gustafson, viola, Heidi Hoffman, cello (Symphoria musicians).

The performance will feature Bach’s magnificent Goldberg Variations string trio arrangement.  The entire work will last about 50 minutes (without repeats). This is not a children’s concert, though children are encouraged to attend as long as they can sit quietly.  There will be an explanation about the history of the Variations, as well as a little about the structure.

Halfway through the performance, there will be a break for bathroom and water, and for any small ones who need to move their legs, etc.  Parents are of course most welcome.  Please feel free to invite your friends and relatives!

Fun fact: When the US sent its spacecraft, Voyager, into space, the Goldberg Variations was one of the pieces of music chosen to represent the highest  point of our musical culture.  

Grace Space is Available!

Do you know a yoga teacher in need of a serene place to hold class? Or a group that needs to meet for a presentation?  Maybe a new business that needs a place with an industrial kitchen to create their product?

If so, Grace Church has the space for them! Our Grace Space is newly renovated, beautiful, functional, and suitable for various events and meeting needs.

Contact us at for more information, and please spread the word!