Grace to Help Support Flint Residents

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Flint MI

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Flint MI


As you may be aware, the water supply of Flint Michigan has been severely compromised. A state of emergency has been declared there because its drinking water has been contaminated with unsafe levels of lead. The lead contamination — which can lead to behavior problems and learning disabilities in children and kidney ailments in adults — has left Flint residents, many of whom are poor and minority, unable to drink unfiltered tap water. The Syracuse City School District and other local organizations including 100 Black Men and Alpha Kappa Alpha are leading an effort to provide some relief to Flint residents by collecting bottled water to be sent to them. At worship on Sunday, Grace will collect bottled water as part of this campaign.

If you want to help, bring bottled water to worship here at Grace, on Sunday, where we will place it around the altar to be blessed and then take to a local collection point.

To learn more about how this crisis developed, take a look at the article posted on