Rector Search – 2022

Grace Episcopal Church is seeking our next rector. If you are interested in this part-time position, please review our Parish Profile (see below) and our Office of Transitions Ministries (OTM) profile which is available at: or

Please submit your resume and cover letter to The Rev. Carrie Schofield-Broadbent, Canon for Transitions and Church Development, Episcopal Diocese of Central New York, at

Search Process Overview

Rector search and transition is a multi-step process that begins with the Grace vestry. This is followed by a parish self-study to reconfirm core values and ministries.  The results of the self-reflection are summarized in the parish profile, which provides a description of the parish, its history, goals for the future and what it seeks in a new rector (see above).  The vestry then submits the parish profile and the OTM questionnaire to the Diocese.  With the posting of the approved parish profile on the parish website, the search for a new rector is officially open.  Interested candidates respond to the Diocese’s Office of Transition Ministries.  All candidates are screened first by the Diocese.  The vestry then reviews the vetted candidates and interviews finalists.  The Bishop also meets with the finalist candidates. The vestry votes and recommends the selected candidate.  The vestry votes to call the proposed candidate as rector and informs the Bishop.  After a letter of agreement has been signed, the rector-elect can be announced to the parish. 

Grace Church Search Committee

In January 2022, the vestry began the process of searching for our new rector.  The vestry members are Susan Keeter and Barbara Slater (wardens); Jamal Adams, Josie Atkins, John Auwaerter, Judith Brooks, Wayne Grove, Ernestine Patterson, Cathie Smith and Audrey Zaccarya; and Anne Messenger (clerk).

Moving Forward

The vestry will keep the parish updated as the search for a rector unfolds.  It is the vestry’s intention to keep the search open for a sufficient period to attract a diversity of candidates.  Everyone is invited to read the parish profile.  If you have any suggestions, comments or leads for candidates, please contact the church office at