Hope in the Season of Advent

Join us for ZOOM worship beginning Sunday, Nov. 29 at 10 a.m.

Because of the increase in COVID infections, the Diocese has suspended in-person, indoor worship until at least Jan. 1, 2021.

For a link to the Zoom service, please e-mail warden Susan Keeter KeeterS@upstate.edu

What’s different about ZOOM worship? Only one reading of the Old or New Testament The minister will select the reading that best reflects the meaning of Advent.   Reflections rather than sermon To make our worship a more shared experience, we ask participants to share their thoughts on the reading.   Advent Reflections HOPE is the focus of this first Sunday of Advent. Have you witnessed hope? Have you witnessed God’s love? Please share your experiences.   Please be a Shepherd Have you spoken with a member of the Grace Church family? If so, please share their news.   Remember to mute Zoom technology isn’t perfect. Whenever there are group readings, such as the Psalms and the Nicene Creed, everyone should have their microphones muted except for one person (Sabrina Coleman). This avoids annoying electronic feedback.

Join us for Sunday worship in the church, at 10:00 am

Beginning September 20, 2020

If you would rather stay home, Zoom in!

Contact Warden Sue Keeter for a link to the service

For everyone’s health, multiple adjustments have been made to limit the chance of spreading COVID-19.   In addition to mandatory mask-wearing and hand-washing, the following is required:
–50 person limit
–Screening guidelines are posted.
–Temperature checks with non-contact thermometer.
–One person or one household group per pew (6 foot distancing).
–Every other pew is closed.
–MERV 13 filters are installed in the furnaces.
–Windows and doors remain open, as weather permits.
–Elbow bumps acceptable. No hugging, hand-shaking, etc.
–Bread only distributed at communion.
–One singer, at 15 ft. distance, is acceptable. No choir, no congregation singing.
–No brass or woodwind instruments.
–Other music welcome: piano, percussion, string  

Many thanks to Tracy Brown, Barbara Slater and the Property Committee for making this possible.