At Grace Church we start by giving thanks for the abundant blessings God gives us: our lives, our loved ones, our ability to serve. As a community of faith, we strive to live out God’s call to us, to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.

We welcome your support in mission and ministry. Join us, by giving of your time, your talents, your treasure — financial and gifts-in-kind. Grace Church accepts cash, checks, and online donations through secure transactions with Pay Pal.

Your donation supports the work of Grace Church in many ways. Let the Grace Church treasurer know if you want your donation to help support one or more of the ministries listed below. If you would like your donation to go to a specific purpose, i.e. capital (building) fund, please indicate that on your donation.


Annual giving is the core of support for Grace Church’s mission and upkeep of its property.  Here’s more information about pledging at Grace


Grace Church and Temple Concord are partners with University United Methodist Church in The Food Center @ 324  University Avenue. Donations to the food pantry may be made through Grace Church, or directly to University United Methodist Church. Contact Galyn Murphy-Stanley, University United Methodist Church Neighborhood Outreach & Food Center Coordinator, (315) 475-7277, or at


This weekly community gathering serves our neighbors, especially from the McCarthy Manor senior apartments across Madison Street. All are welcome – to eat, to volunteer, to cook, to serve. Donations support the cost of the food and kitchen maintenance. Want to lend a hand? Join us on a Wednesday night, or contact the church office.


Help Grace Church Maintain its Historic Place of Worship and Ministry!

The beautiful 1876 church and the 1916 Parish House have been an anchor of the university neighborhood for nearly 150 years. The buildings and grounds provide sacred inspiration, contain the memories of generations, and provide the space for friendship and service to the community. There are several ways you can help ensure this historic place continues as a vital outward symbol of the glory of God.

Being good stewards of all God has given us includes caring for and maintaining our historic buildings and grounds. Grace’s Capital Campaign, Grace 2020, fulfilled its three-year pledge period and accomplished major exterior masonry repairs, including rebuilding of the tower walls, and repair of stucco and windows on the parish house. Additional contributions are much needed to fund other improvements scoped in Grace 2020 as well as the many other ongoing property maintenance needs, including masonry repointing, stained-glass window repairs, repairs to the parish house concrete foundation, exterior painting, enhancement of the church entrances, improvements to the Welsh Garden, and renovation of parish hall basement spaces for new ministries. 

Checks for the Capital Fund can mailed to the church at 819 Madison Street, Syracuse, NY 13210, or use the Paypal button at the top of the page to make an online donation (note Capital Fund in the memo).


Grace Church is blessed with a historic pipe organ installed in 1877 and made by Steere & Turner of Westfield, Massachusetts, one of the premier U. S. organ builders of the late 19th century. The organ

has 21 chambers and 559 pipes that produce a wonderful, warm tone. The organ in sound is original, but its mechanism was altered in 1954 when the original tracker system was replaced with an electro-pneumatic pull-down system. By the 1990s, the organ fell out of use and an electronic organ was used instead. In 2007, pipe organ technician and former Grace parishioner Cullie Mowers returned the pipe organ to working condition, and it has remained in service since that time.

Over the years, minor repairs have been made to the organ based on the limited operating budget of the church, most recently including several critical repairs and purchase of an adjustable bench in 2022. Based on a 2022 assessment by Kerner & Merchant, Pipe Organ Builders of East Syracuse, the Grace organ needs the following priority repairs:

  • Great note pallets – $15,000
  • C# side note pallet access panel – $250
  • Swell note primaries – $18,500
  • Great note primaries – $18,500
  • Two damaged Dulciana pipes – $350
  • Static reservoir – $5,000

Total: $57,600

Grace Church has established the Organ Fund to maintain and restore the instrument. Please consider making a gift to allow Grace to undertake the priority repairs outlined above. Completion of these repairs will not only enhance worship services, but also help Grace attract organ performances as part of the church’s efforts to make the sanctuary a premier venue for musical performances. Checks for the Organ Fund can mailed to the church at 819 Madison Street, Syracuse, NY 13210, or use the Paypal button at the top of the page to make an online donation (note Organ Fund in the memo).