Advent Opportunities for Giving, Fellowship and Formation

Advent Offering for Matthew 25 Farm

Matthew 25 Farm grows and distributes fresh produce – free of charge – to food pantries, soup kitchens, senior living facilities, and half-way houses throughout six counties in Central New York. As a result of the ministry of Matthew 25 Farm, clients who visit our food pantry are able to enjoy fresh produce which would otherwise not be available to them.

By way of offering our gratitude to Matthew 25 Farm and to offer our support of the mission of the farm, our vestry has approved the collecting of a second offering each Sunday during the season of Advent. Our offering will then be donated during Christmastide to Matthew 25 Farm’s growing ministry. Matthew 25 Farm, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your generosity will help alleviate hunger related issues in Central New York.   If   writing a check, please designate your offering to Matthew 25 Farm in the memo line.

Advent Formation for Youth

During the season of Advent our youth will be learning about The Jesse Tree and the meaning of the symbols which hang on it. Through story and art the children will begin to get to know their ancestors and create their own symbols for them which can be used at home each Advent to remind them of their rich history!

Centering Prayer

As a method of meditation, Centering Prayer is founded upon the gesture of surrender, or letting go. The theological basis for this prayer lies in the principle of kenosis (Philippians 2:6), Jesus’ self-emptying love that forms the core of his own self-understanding and life practice. During the prayer time itself, surrender is practiced through the letting go of thoughts as they arise. Unlike other forms of meditation, neither focused awareness nor a steady witnessing presence is required. There is no need to “follow” the thoughts as they arise; merely to let them go promptly as soon as you realize you’re engaged in thinking – a “Sacred Word” is typically used to facilitate this prompt response.

During this season of Advent you are invited to center yourself through centering prayer each Saturday morning.  We will meet in our Chancel each Saturday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am, share and discuss a brief reading from Cynthia Bourgeault’s, Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening, and nurture our hearts through Centering Prayer.   No experience necessary, all are welcome!

Howard Thurman Mosaic

Icon Mosaic

Creative Intergenerational Endeavor

“What the word transmits through the ear, the painting silently shows through the image.”   – St Basil

Icons have been called prayers, hymns, and sermons in form and color. Throughout their enduring heritage, icons have evoked powerful religious experiences by creating a link between the human and the divine. In holding open space for a mystical encounter between the person before it and God, icons are recognized as instruments of miraculous intervention offering courage and strength in a world marked with tragedy and suffering. Ultimately icons provide joy as they remind us that we are deeply loved by God. As we turn our attention to the season of Advent and the glorious impossibilities God is creating in our midst, plan to join together to create an icon to hang in our Narthex.  This form of artistic expression is a wonderful way to connect us with the wonder of the Word becoming flesh to dwell within and among us.  There is no artistic talent required for this project and it is open to all.  We will meet on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm in our upper conference room.  See you there!